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New Beta needed again




  • Fletcher Penney


    I hope you are doing well!


    All of my betas expire, mainly for two purposes:

    1. It serves as a reminder to me to keep trying to move things forward, even if my day job is really busy and I don't have much time to work on software.

    2. It keeps beta builds from being used for too long, especially if there is a bug that has since been fixed


    The expiration dates don't otherwise have a direct correlation with when a final release is available.  My plan is to get nvUltra 1.0 out before MultiMarkdown Composer 5.0.  They will likely be ready around the same time as some of the remaining functionality to implement is shared by both apps.


    As for MathJax -- I believe where that last stood was that I had reached back out to you for additional specifics to keep trying to troubleshoot (e.g.


    You use MathJax much more than I do, so I'm sure you will run into limitations more than I do since my use is relatively trivial.  That said, there are some things you have reported trouble with that I have been unable to replicate despite repeated attempts.


    As for MathJax 3 specifically, there were issues with v3 that limited its functionality in my testing.  You can of course link to whatever version of MathJax you want.  And to be clear -- I don't do anything special other than stick in metadata linking to a fixed version of KaTeX/MathJax when you use the appropriate buttons in the preview setting.  But functionally, it is identically to manually linking to your desired version of MathJax within the metadata at the top of a document.  Just be sure to disable the preferences if you manually link to MathJax yourself.


    As to fixing MathJax 3, obviously that is outside of my purview.  If you need v3, you may have to export to an HTML file, and then apply v3 within the browser, rather than in the context of an editor that is constantly updating the HTML rendering.  It may just be that v3 is not going to support that approach??



    To summarize:

    1. You can link to any javascript you like in MultiMarkdown metadata. The preferences add shortcuts to link to KaTeX/MathJax versions that generally work.  But there is nothing special as compared to you doing it yourself to your desired versions.  Behind the scenes, all I do is to effectively add metadata to the top of the document.

    2. I can't fix bugs/missing features in code belonging to others (not that you have asked me to).  In my experience, MathJax v3 was missing key functionality that was present in v2.  I don't know if they have fixed that or not.  They might not even consider it broken.

    3. Effectively, the limits of what I can do is control when a "refresh" signal is sent to those programs to cause them to re-render math.  In my experience, KaTeX is **MUCH** better at this than MathJax (in fact, it seems that MathJax is really not designed to "refresh", but rather to render once and be done -- this makes sense in the usual context of when it would be used.  KaTeX seemed to specifically consider the idea of a "refresh" as a use case.)  Functionally, you can ensure a full refresh is constantly applied with the  "Always perform full reload..." and "Whenever text changes", though you may find the constant refreshing with MathJax is visually jarring if you leave the preview enabled at all times while typing.


    I am willing to keep looking, especially if you can send me specific examples that I can replicate that suggest a problem on my end.  But thus far, to the best of my ability to dig, the issues you seem to be reporting are problems with MathJax (especially with being used in a "refresh" scenario instead of a "render once and leave it alone" scenario) and not my code per se.  I am certainly willing to entertain the possibility that I am wrong though!!

  • Fletcher Penney

    Also -- just pushed a new beta. 




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